Friday, December 30, 2005

Last Post of this notorious n wild Year

.. n yep i v had a nice time around
while the earth was busy spinning all round ..

had crazy weeks and some lazy sundays
did some nasty things and perhaps left no trace :-P
did some good work and took nobodys case
yea did kick some arses as part of the bad days :-)

over all tried bringing justice on this earth
to get some game for this useless punk
yea its been fine so far ,being sober n drunk
lifes lessons are ongoing , it matters to know the inbetweens
yep n cherish as much :-)

cant leave such things mid-way
so i move on to another year, die another day!! :-)
P.A.R.T.Y people, life says - theres more to come,so dont go away

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Cutting, Pasting (CTRL C +CTRL V) an old thing ..

i ask myself
as i walk further a little further
and some more ...
time ` it is which makes me smile
a trinkle in my brain
a thread, a remark, a worry, a question
of an incomplete journey
i want to know the reason /.. the essence the purpose
the sense n completeness to my walk
a walk it is , ....
may be i need to enjoy this walk
enjoy every motion of the walk -celebrate what each minute lingers ...
purpose has an end , destination too has a full stop
But what about life my sweetheart - it has no end
no beginning either

if u forgot my dear what eternity is
then dream , to uncover your present dream of mortality
and come be free , become free into this reality
Eternal as you are , and goals?? aah yes ! everlasting one's :P
to end it by taking responsibility of my Perspective
i.e. human is always Only Limited by his own Mind ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Grey Hair or Gray Cells or Both


Often most from the experienced Fraternity keep saying it's the Experience that matters..
Agreed - but they consider little the hazard that expereince does to most normal human beings..
Knowledge developed through years of experience apparently becomes frozen when gotten out for Solutions..
Agree that assimilated gyaan helps speed things and not re-invent fire n blah blah .. yes we all know that we've experienced it and heard it a several times ...
But very often the disaster that experience can become is not accounted for ..
The Stuck up ness and the obsessiveness with concepts truely contributes negatively at times plenty..
Whereas the Youngster with a clean slate , a wide open mind is happily inventing breakthroughs -construct New n easy answers from the same available data/disaster/situation .This pure experimentative being seems to show more insight to the visible which is a plus.
Experience matters , yes it counts -there is no denial to that - But you can be one sided by disaccounting facts and a very basic fact that even exp/knowledge has two sides ..

Similar analogy to those with Education n high degrees .. May simply turn out to be slaves to their theorems, merely limited by their learned stuff ..
Where as one who doesnt ahve any base/background or previous knowledge for the topic can seemingly solve deeper and ridiculous problems with ease.. or even create great methods n ways..
So you can be one sided in your approach -What needs to be valued better is Presence of Mind..
Yes the very theory of POM or common sense or practical intution or whichever way you call it-
Gyaan is great but combined with a whole lot of openness beyond the boundaries of gyaan ..
:-) yeas -- Right brain with Left Brain ..

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Life's Like A L.I.E

L.I.E to you .. Thats the Truth ..
eh ..?
All is a lie. n all lie is also truth and all truth is lie too/
too old to have "lie"ved and too young to be"lie"ve
Never mind in any case Truth remains to be a lie and
Lie remains to be a truth ;-)

dont matter if ya get me .. coZ its all fake
whether u liek or disliek , its yur take ..

to catch when u make ..
is the only chance to the truth of ' lie '
yes! make - when u make
exactly when u make
thats the place to catch the underLYING TRUTH
got that ?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Photos (Courtesy 6600)

all pics are by courtesy (Nokia phone 6600)
Yep! This is Ram -my friendly neighborhood elephant, Lives pretty close to my bus stop and Takes a shower daily at the car washers with help of those water jets!!

Got lots more real!! interesting pics but havent uploaded to my comp yet .. WAIT UP a while ..

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Minding my business of minding another's !!

Yeah - life full of paradox and sometimes i like it !!
I d love to mind my own business but .. before i mind mine i would love to do full fledged business analysis and business consulting and offering the most tempting solutions for all business propositions and business paradoxes :-)
To me this looks very interesting right now - solving (business) problems .. .. ..
madness to solve all hurdles and give crazy good unassumingly simple and profitable solutions ..
but baby i think i need to grow and grow more .. .. .. to do all this stuff and eventually enable firms to do it themselves ! :-) like Eli

Monday, September 19, 2005

Appetite for Self IMPortance

hey it's (y)early mo(u)rning and im up strongly "Wanting " something from myself /from my life..
a want , a big want
to be "DOING" something kick ass;
totally kick ass -
staying turned on , and tuned into life / reality prime time 24X7.
That thrill - that adrenalin rush and that sense of responsibility
like being a part of the rescue team in movie armageddon - i want that kind of self inportance/ sense of purpose/duty of saving the earth etc. .
My appetite for challenge right now looks immense to me . . and i feel like living/dying only on challenges and not bothering a bit on routine -
Yup, my melodramatic sense of greed for purpose/ hunger for sense of upliftment and great desire for total fulfillment is ready to take me anywhere - break any walls and take any blind risks - i just need to feel that immense passion and justice to drive me to do stuff i.e life changing - Mind Blowing
would 'nt mind being at kargil war like situtation- want to live short but Filled with Life !! !! !! such that each minute is L.I.V.E.D.
im writing/thinking all this coz im bored n i think i'm pathetic coz i dont choose to live every day at my personal best - i think i need a mission to take the best out of me :P
Anyway , hope self-introspection gives me a way .. Yeah and that is if im quiet enuff to turn my mind within (very naughty !! these days)

Monday, September 12, 2005

It all "seems" like this ..

Heyeh ! a rainy morning .. ..

Needed to jot this down ..and no better place than an online journal :P

Wow sometimes it all looks like what lies beneath it all is => perception .
The way stuff /world is percieved seems to Change the very bloody truth of my existence , seems to change life - more than that life can very much look topsyturvy if you change the lens .
Digitized perception donno what a great way of seeing things is ..
Dont know if Truth IS .. !!! ??
and if thruth is ..
and is beyond my minds/perception :-) Funny when will i get to know this and rather HOW can i KNOW this NOW

what is it that i see when i see and how i see what i see and why i see and what is beyond my see that i dont see and what can change the range of my see and
if i can choose to see what i like to see
then i would love to see simplicity :-) giggles

Another thing, what i see and what you see will be different like 2 sets Set A and Set B , they may overlap n they may not overlap and the extents of overlap may also vary .
And this makes me feel that world is such manipulated content !! oops
makes me opine this to be a sort of fools story and where will be the truth found .What the hell is conscience#
Is there any phenomena/funda of cosmic conscience or truth .. makes me wonder what am i doing ..Looks like im playing in a -maze without the top view and looks like chaos - a lot sometimes :-) cant stop smiling either -all this is soooo very funny and i cant seem to understand one bit of this JoKe :-@

Friday, August 26, 2005

stuff i need to learn

Making sure i write this somewhere - stuff i need to learn -

learn Thinking like folks to Hit direct "The root cause" -Straight without much analysis
the focus and understanding is so strong : they just get the hint and grasp the root cause.
So quickly and clearly and know what to FIX !! :-)

learn to Respond from the inner spontaniety and personal truth rather than outer /superficial calculations/presumption/judgements and whole popular environment of SELF IMAGE.

Aah well these two i can say clearly i need to learn and practice also.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lost in the WooDs and Never Found again

Hey eh!

Never Found again ,, forgot to search/seek too :-P
it's a mystery

who we are is a mystery which the mind calls mystory yeah-- 2 much offf a bouncer - told ya l.o.s.t / lost it ?! ;-)

do they have insurance for this ? like for losing your mind over things? / forgetting a loving appointment - well at times this means real loss to me ., ,, for losing thy soul over mental mundane ? for killing of dreams/enthusiasm over so called self convincing practicality ?

bring back the real self , bring back the truth ,
""show me the light- im over occupied looking at the shadow ""
n how will i know i need to turn around if i seek light :-P How , How, How ? ? ? ?
and wat will make me change my mind , to hear the words, see the works

i donno wat can change my world / the world .. .. ..
just will try My ways and make a difference .. .. somewhere subtle but true

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The pros and cons of following processes.

Processes are set up to help get things faster and they only "APPARENTLY" seem to be the reason of slowing work/things down.

The designing of processes need to be such that These really help move things fast and not become a bottleneck themselves.
No wonder! but yu can only try to design an "optimum process "
Processes can imporive a lot of stuff - a change in the way we do things can truely change us and change the world! H.o.n.e.s.t. from the horses mouth :-O big one eh ;-) (wink)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Watever IS ..

Watever is ..

It all seems to be contracting and expanding at the same time .
And therefore looks as though nothing moved at all -- !!
Every learning is static if you observe thie simultaneous contraction and expansion
a simultaneous balance between any critical properties .
Will bring out an example later --
am in no mood to write down now

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Had a Great Fall ! :-)

Hey this was the fall i Been to this sunday - Clearly .. this one is 15 mins behind my house and i loved it. SHARING this image across online coz this is the first pic iv uploaded so far. And this is looking exciting.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Thinks that 'make my day'

Huh! Thinks that make my day .. :-)

Splitting my Brain for Ideas - Alive brilliant practical and simple but Sparking gud Ideas .
This Wud "TRUELY " 'make my day' :P

I want my brain to do phenomenal stuff - totally aaaaah cant yell the probable adjective that loud but yes LUNATIC Stuff .../MindBlowing stuff

Ooah man - i want that satisfaction of generating Stuff and implement them -working thorugh them build better and better n Wuah SIMPLEy Funtabulous stuff

Crazzzy man - wanna go FullTooH crazy

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Silly Wish that must come true

Wonder ..

Are these gonno be chapters in my life that i may have a chance to look back at -If the electronic media still exists.
If an angel is passing by this page
here's a wish .. to make..

silly one tho .. but more or less like a personal demand -
I want so much clarity of mind -so much so that i can solve any problem in the world! :-)
WoW i wanna do this .. any puzzle/ any difficulty and any Thing at all
my mind shud be able to figure it all ! aah
any problem ,, any ,,

Saturday, June 18, 2005

RoLLbAcK ;-)

Conscience is a myth ..

: P caught between the two !
eH !

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Who wants to Know

ARE you Jimmy Ray ?

Who Wants to KNOW~~
(yes i remember this song today -now~~)

just while my personal funda remains in only one thing= feeling clean/clear in my conscience /heart
is the only thing i want at the end of the day- (No mental mess @@ that i carry ! :- )

All that philosophy , judgement , awareness , spirituality, justice, wisdom , management gyaan, jargon jargon, jargon , knowledge/power/ watever watever looks irrelevant to me and ..
i dont care a single heck if im an idiot or if i v completely follied/wronged/damned;

I "only care" for having a clear mind /conscience free from clutter -so that i can c myself in the mirror or be Comfortable with my own existence - AS I AM ... simply t he way i am!


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Un Dos Tres

Formula Un
Formula Dos
Formula Tres
;) All our lives - Eh! wev tried all of these ywan N apparently there r situations where no Formula FITS! :-)
Yaah, even Shumacher failes..
Yes n thats what i like Life for - it's unpredictability it's Variability
Yupo man, today this tells me that life can never be boring - even if yu seem 2 know ""Everything"" !! :-)
It can only be boring if u dont have a Goal - / desire / direction / Line of Application :-)
n no static Goal can be Fun Forever
So discover the Goal of yur for each Life 's minute you uncover !! ;-)

Hope this was Fun!
The Goal Herein was to Explore n Explore through expression

Sunday, May 22, 2005



m sorry but m no wise guy - n i write all this stuff just for me - plainly for me(As my opinion) n not to mislead the world/society or anyt hing like that

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nuture YourSelf!

eH/ HOW often do you give 'yourself' the time !
Like everything/every one else even you need time /Attention
Even you need nurturing at any age -

Wednesday, May 04, 2005



YEAH! EH, SCHOOL TIME Stuff(sounds like, doesnt it? )
:- )

A kindergarten Lesson of life would be

Love YourselF! (whether u want it or not)

n the world may also fall in love with you (whether u want it or not) Hahaa..

i myself m not sure wat i mean here in! ;)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

TOC Rocks - simply rocks

Think TOC ROCKS!!!!
Just want to meet more people with TOC direction n Get stuff moving!!!
Or implement alone anyway -whereever i can however i can!

P.S -Theory of constraints by Eli Goldratt

Monday, May 02, 2005

Mirrors of Minds .. ,

Mirrors of Minds .. ,


Sunday, May 01, 2005


FULLTOO -well when i mentioned this Word -a friend seemed simply amused :)
Eh, now when i re-think the equivalent of a Fulltoo it seems entertaining to me also ..
fulltoo means fulltoo - completely / like (eg: completely drunk) sort


Thursday, April 28, 2005


Each of us face -this sense of emptiness/lack (lack of purpose/or lack of fulfillment in different forms) mE TOO FACES THIS very often
Every minute every simple, single second wherever you are however you are hold the key to Perfect bliss/ perfect fulfillment and perfect wisdom -IT S JUST in a choice to recognize it n give way to this choice to experience totality in the moment-transfer from lack into totality its oth in the same place -same origin/same source
See you -let yur desires culminate or satisfy in their own source n see the fun
REM:This minute holds the KEY , (n in EACH minute)

this very minute
holds init
the key to truth
the key to glory
the key to love
the key to forgivness
the key to totality n fulfillment
the key to moksha

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

hard facts

Hey somehow few facts look hard to digest ,
eg: we all fight for our ways - to live n to choose our own paths n ways n means n destinations n intermediations
we fight/argue with our folks sometimes it may hurt them (altho Unpresumably )
Today i just had an imagination of what a destitute felt like .. a complete loss of a sense of ownership/belonginghood/ness
may be each all live n learn to live
But hell - a destitute may value the love.the concern,the warmth/ n its bonding
Gosh all tho im putting down terrible things - it happened to strike me n i cudnt stop to get it out of my chest
Cheers n i know n also acknowledge that deep down we all really care - but sometimes happen to leave behind hurtful impressions which we may/not regret
Spend some time to value n cherish yur gifts n u shall be happy n giving the needful importance to each person or activity that u like : )

Monday, April 25, 2005


Hey ya .. i like this from from BRYAN ADAMS too ...

I love putting perspectives Across .. n esp. through Writing
More over a REBEL by nature while i also do not deny the fact that i am alos a part of each of these crippling truths -
AM against self imposed limitations on to the free mind ,that we all cage often (under different pretexts= practicality, Have to, Should be so ,cant be this way , impossible , playing safe/nice /Acceptable, dont have a choice?? ) ;)
Am also a part of this thinking -but i also Yell my heart out across to that sense of limitlessness Eh!?

See ya

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Looking Around

Eh! it all looks interesting Today
am happy n thrilled about a lot of small things im learning in life
they look like a real beginning in Direction i Like pretty much!
M Lovin' it !
M Chillin' the Summer out with a seemingly ice cool brain :-)

Decision Making is somthing i would love to learn
N Logic is somethin; im still learning to realise

To describe the way my moments are passing these days
Swift , Gentle -Active & passive at the same time
I learning to balance my Raft amongst those swaying waves
sometimes turbulent sometimes shy
sometimes overturning sometimes dry

While i am excited about the whole thing
i feel alive most of these days
I love the adventures

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wat is Pooja Doing!

Well ,
the answer to what is Pooja doing! .. :)
Pooja is trying to make sense out of things n herself :P
catch Ya soon!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hey! It's the THinker Bug with Unlimited Power Supply Blogging


YUP! I START MY BLOG TODAY with a black-blue eye! Right one YEss!
IT'S BECOZ OF A Road accident ;
THink i am alive n Winking for the day!