Friday, August 26, 2005

stuff i need to learn

Making sure i write this somewhere - stuff i need to learn -

learn Thinking like folks to Hit direct "The root cause" -Straight without much analysis
the focus and understanding is so strong : they just get the hint and grasp the root cause.
So quickly and clearly and know what to FIX !! :-)

learn to Respond from the inner spontaniety and personal truth rather than outer /superficial calculations/presumption/judgements and whole popular environment of SELF IMAGE.

Aah well these two i can say clearly i need to learn and practice also.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lost in the WooDs and Never Found again

Hey eh!

Never Found again ,, forgot to search/seek too :-P
it's a mystery

who we are is a mystery which the mind calls mystory yeah-- 2 much offf a bouncer - told ya l.o.s.t / lost it ?! ;-)

do they have insurance for this ? like for losing your mind over things? / forgetting a loving appointment - well at times this means real loss to me ., ,, for losing thy soul over mental mundane ? for killing of dreams/enthusiasm over so called self convincing practicality ?

bring back the real self , bring back the truth ,
""show me the light- im over occupied looking at the shadow ""
n how will i know i need to turn around if i seek light :-P How , How, How ? ? ? ?
and wat will make me change my mind , to hear the words, see the works

i donno wat can change my world / the world .. .. ..
just will try My ways and make a difference .. .. somewhere subtle but true

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The pros and cons of following processes.

Processes are set up to help get things faster and they only "APPARENTLY" seem to be the reason of slowing work/things down.

The designing of processes need to be such that These really help move things fast and not become a bottleneck themselves.
No wonder! but yu can only try to design an "optimum process "
Processes can imporive a lot of stuff - a change in the way we do things can truely change us and change the world! H.o.n.e.s.t. from the horses mouth :-O big one eh ;-) (wink)