Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reason for Unhappiness

Somedays back i wondered what could be the reason of unhappiness,
one possible reason could be
because you dont know what makes you happy.... thats why you are unhappy/..

ya silly tho but yes its possible , atleast me - i dont clearly know wat actually makes me happy..
and similarly there are many who dont know what makes them happy
many know and many dont
and this is for those who dont try to find what makes them happy.. eh !!
but often its possible that you feel . realise that nothing makes you happy at all ..
nothing from the world is capable of making/ keeping you happy..

in that case when u dont have an answer as to what makes you happy , i feel meditation is what makes you happy ..
perhaps you may not have noted /explored but that just says when you know happiness cannot be externalised since you dont find a thing to make you happy..
thats where the truth of your happiness lies ... in meditation ...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

small talk

so let me introduce you to my small self
yes yes my small self
my ego my small self
the sweet small self
who thinks its so limited
who executes in small boundary
who operates with the sense of the body
who lives daily and sees life with a beginning and end
who smiles in joy and frowns in sorrow
who wants to grow big but feels small
such is the small mind afterall
small with a small identity
small with a small sentiment
small but wants to feel important
small but wants to fly
small but unfulfilled
small but wants eternal joy :-)
small but wants all :-P