Monday, September 19, 2005

Appetite for Self IMPortance

hey it's (y)early mo(u)rning and im up strongly "Wanting " something from myself /from my life..
a want , a big want
to be "DOING" something kick ass;
totally kick ass -
staying turned on , and tuned into life / reality prime time 24X7.
That thrill - that adrenalin rush and that sense of responsibility
like being a part of the rescue team in movie armageddon - i want that kind of self inportance/ sense of purpose/duty of saving the earth etc. .
My appetite for challenge right now looks immense to me . . and i feel like living/dying only on challenges and not bothering a bit on routine -
Yup, my melodramatic sense of greed for purpose/ hunger for sense of upliftment and great desire for total fulfillment is ready to take me anywhere - break any walls and take any blind risks - i just need to feel that immense passion and justice to drive me to do stuff i.e life changing - Mind Blowing
would 'nt mind being at kargil war like situtation- want to live short but Filled with Life !! !! !! such that each minute is L.I.V.E.D.
im writing/thinking all this coz im bored n i think i'm pathetic coz i dont choose to live every day at my personal best - i think i need a mission to take the best out of me :P
Anyway , hope self-introspection gives me a way .. Yeah and that is if im quiet enuff to turn my mind within (very naughty !! these days)

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