Wednesday, April 27, 2005

hard facts

Hey somehow few facts look hard to digest ,
eg: we all fight for our ways - to live n to choose our own paths n ways n means n destinations n intermediations
we fight/argue with our folks sometimes it may hurt them (altho Unpresumably )
Today i just had an imagination of what a destitute felt like .. a complete loss of a sense of ownership/belonginghood/ness
may be each all live n learn to live
But hell - a destitute may value the love.the concern,the warmth/ n its bonding
Gosh all tho im putting down terrible things - it happened to strike me n i cudnt stop to get it out of my chest
Cheers n i know n also acknowledge that deep down we all really care - but sometimes happen to leave behind hurtful impressions which we may/not regret
Spend some time to value n cherish yur gifts n u shall be happy n giving the needful importance to each person or activity that u like : )

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