Monday, September 12, 2005

It all "seems" like this ..

Heyeh ! a rainy morning .. ..

Needed to jot this down ..and no better place than an online journal :P

Wow sometimes it all looks like what lies beneath it all is => perception .
The way stuff /world is percieved seems to Change the very bloody truth of my existence , seems to change life - more than that life can very much look topsyturvy if you change the lens .
Digitized perception donno what a great way of seeing things is ..
Dont know if Truth IS .. !!! ??
and if thruth is ..
and is beyond my minds/perception :-) Funny when will i get to know this and rather HOW can i KNOW this NOW

what is it that i see when i see and how i see what i see and why i see and what is beyond my see that i dont see and what can change the range of my see and
if i can choose to see what i like to see
then i would love to see simplicity :-) giggles

Another thing, what i see and what you see will be different like 2 sets Set A and Set B , they may overlap n they may not overlap and the extents of overlap may also vary .
And this makes me feel that world is such manipulated content !! oops
makes me opine this to be a sort of fools story and where will be the truth found .What the hell is conscience#
Is there any phenomena/funda of cosmic conscience or truth .. makes me wonder what am i doing ..Looks like im playing in a -maze without the top view and looks like chaos - a lot sometimes :-) cant stop smiling either -all this is soooo very funny and i cant seem to understand one bit of this JoKe :-@

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