Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Grey Hair or Gray Cells or Both


Often most from the experienced Fraternity keep saying it's the Experience that matters..
Agreed - but they consider little the hazard that expereince does to most normal human beings..
Knowledge developed through years of experience apparently becomes frozen when gotten out for Solutions..
Agree that assimilated gyaan helps speed things and not re-invent fire n blah blah .. yes we all know that we've experienced it and heard it a several times ...
But very often the disaster that experience can become is not accounted for ..
The Stuck up ness and the obsessiveness with concepts truely contributes negatively at times plenty..
Whereas the Youngster with a clean slate , a wide open mind is happily inventing breakthroughs -construct New n easy answers from the same available data/disaster/situation .This pure experimentative being seems to show more insight to the visible which is a plus.
Experience matters , yes it counts -there is no denial to that - But you can be one sided by disaccounting facts and a very basic fact that even exp/knowledge has two sides ..

Similar analogy to those with Education n high degrees .. May simply turn out to be slaves to their theorems, merely limited by their learned stuff ..
Where as one who doesnt ahve any base/background or previous knowledge for the topic can seemingly solve deeper and ridiculous problems with ease.. or even create great methods n ways..
So you can be one sided in your approach -What needs to be valued better is Presence of Mind..
Yes the very theory of POM or common sense or practical intution or whichever way you call it-
Gyaan is great but combined with a whole lot of openness beyond the boundaries of gyaan ..
:-) yeas -- Right brain with Left Brain ..

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