Thursday, October 26, 2006

The mashup bug!

Yeah even i got the mash up craze, when i realised that kids of grade 8 would be the ones behind many of the evolving mashups and my mind came up with a plethora of mashups
but sooo many of them have already come up !! :-))(altho in a miniscule way.. yes but they have..)!!

eg: i thought of a mashup for buying and selling property globally with use of google maps n mapmyindia and sites like these mashup for ATM worldwide sorted on locations.. since ATM are not bank proprietory .. :-) ATMLocator
What cud teh biz model be..??AD based? aubscription based, payper search based?
i also thought of a couple of financial mash ups (lending borrowing / trading currency over the web) financial mashup like a personal finance management mashup for individuals and entrepreneurs..
also was brainstorming with a friend and campe up with online media rights exchange mashup for worldwide media.. creative media auctioning or content rights purchase or technology of media subcription bids or may be more stuff like that.. (US rel.) ,, (UK rel.)

Analytics for so many of these social networking sites for business purposes or for google adsense /msn to choicefully advertise on pages for these-or some shit like that-- typically analytics on browsing to improve relevance of ads to surfers.. somuch of target bandwidth is still a waste..
while to load the free ads on yahoo msn rediff etc.. my internet bills hike up!! cost of free service
just becoz most sites gave services free for faster penetration the psyche is towards not paying for it.. but eventually they will :) somehow they are paying more than they think ..possible

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Economic Philosophy

Philosophy of economics , economic philosophy
ya was reading some book on economics which spoke about optimum price of things and externality prices n all..
one likely fact which struck me was that philosophically - good economics is all about effort-less earning
you would choose not do something if the effort/pain is more than the outcome/pleasure.. (eg: you wont buy a 10,000/- gucci if the sweat you need to put for that is more than the pleasure of that gucci)
and the one who makes most is the one who is capable of the least effort input and the max output

somewhere this co-incides with my funda of optimum living.. that is effortless living- only when life is completely effortlessly lived will the maximum happiness state be lived..

since sometime my lazy mind is fascinated with the concept of effortless living :-)) and effortless nirvana...yaa i dont like going to job and slogging on for hours and feel pointless about the whole affair
it makes me feel like ive travelled so far but reached nowhere
now i know im too young to say this but hell.. i dont know i feel empty each time and start seeking all over again :-PP

is there anyway to get effortless Nirvana??

Sunday, October 01, 2006

if truth makes you feel ugly and god hurts

What would you do when truth makes you feel ugly..
what would you do when god hurts..
what would you do when trust betrays
what would you do when sun strays

what would you do when god hurts..
what would you fight and whom would you rush to
what would you do if the comfort turns its back

what would you do when god hurts..
what would you do with the silence
what would you do with the witness of this world
whom would you cry out to if only witness stays

n i dont care for the witness - it only sees
what about the rest of my soul which feels
which loves, which hurts, which lives, which peels
this soul cannot be selfless -this soul expects ..
this soul expects justice, this soul wants to experience care
this soul expects a hello back, this soul expects a yo there!

this life is short and the expectation too big
a hello back , sorry man! - too emotional ,too much
i m me and you are free
bye bye, just that i cant let it be