Sunday, May 29, 2005

Un Dos Tres

Formula Un
Formula Dos
Formula Tres
;) All our lives - Eh! wev tried all of these ywan N apparently there r situations where no Formula FITS! :-)
Yaah, even Shumacher failes..
Yes n thats what i like Life for - it's unpredictability it's Variability
Yupo man, today this tells me that life can never be boring - even if yu seem 2 know ""Everything"" !! :-)
It can only be boring if u dont have a Goal - / desire / direction / Line of Application :-)
n no static Goal can be Fun Forever
So discover the Goal of yur for each Life 's minute you uncover !! ;-)

Hope this was Fun!
The Goal Herein was to Explore n Explore through expression

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