Thursday, April 28, 2005


Each of us face -this sense of emptiness/lack (lack of purpose/or lack of fulfillment in different forms) mE TOO FACES THIS very often
Every minute every simple, single second wherever you are however you are hold the key to Perfect bliss/ perfect fulfillment and perfect wisdom -IT S JUST in a choice to recognize it n give way to this choice to experience totality in the moment-transfer from lack into totality its oth in the same place -same origin/same source
See you -let yur desires culminate or satisfy in their own source n see the fun
REM:This minute holds the KEY , (n in EACH minute)

this very minute
holds init
the key to truth
the key to glory
the key to love
the key to forgivness
the key to totality n fulfillment
the key to moksha

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