Sunday, November 27, 2005


Cutting, Pasting (CTRL C +CTRL V) an old thing ..

i ask myself
as i walk further a little further
and some more ...
time ` it is which makes me smile
a trinkle in my brain
a thread, a remark, a worry, a question
of an incomplete journey
i want to know the reason /.. the essence the purpose
the sense n completeness to my walk
a walk it is , ....
may be i need to enjoy this walk
enjoy every motion of the walk -celebrate what each minute lingers ...
purpose has an end , destination too has a full stop
But what about life my sweetheart - it has no end
no beginning either

if u forgot my dear what eternity is
then dream , to uncover your present dream of mortality
and come be free , become free into this reality
Eternal as you are , and goals?? aah yes ! everlasting one's :P
to end it by taking responsibility of my Perspective
i.e. human is always Only Limited by his own Mind ;)


nitin said...

hi pooja,

is that a poem, looks more like a tree of words ..:)

Known Stranger said...

hy my dear friend how you doing ?