Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lost in the WooDs and Never Found again

Hey eh!

Never Found again ,, forgot to search/seek too :-P
it's a mystery

who we are is a mystery which the mind calls mystory yeah-- 2 much offf a bouncer - told ya l.o.s.t / lost it ?! ;-)

do they have insurance for this ? like for losing your mind over things? / forgetting a loving appointment - well at times this means real loss to me ., ,, for losing thy soul over mental mundane ? for killing of dreams/enthusiasm over so called self convincing practicality ?

bring back the real self , bring back the truth ,
""show me the light- im over occupied looking at the shadow ""
n how will i know i need to turn around if i seek light :-P How , How, How ? ? ? ?
and wat will make me change my mind , to hear the words, see the works

i donno wat can change my world / the world .. .. ..
just will try My ways and make a difference .. .. somewhere subtle but true

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