Wednesday, January 30, 2013

reason out

Reasoning out
reasoning the little spark..
and the question got answered..
it's simple, it's clear
that we are not meant to be near..
why did it have to be this way
the answer came right away
why didn't life wait to betray

How do i feel about this..?
Well, i try not to feel much
only feeling i get is of forgive as such

but i cannot think to forgive my soul
for letting world be an ass hole
and let it prove again
that being naive is only vain 

and i don't feel good about playing along
and i also think it went all wrong

things i saw were rather not to be seen
life has passed by without it since 17

i did not see the light i should
i did not see through while i could

i was seeking so much,
but it was a mirage as such..

O why, O why
my seeking soul
O why, O why 
my seeking soul

Just show me the path and do the triage
thus prevent me to get deluded by the mirage..