Friday, December 30, 2005

Last Post of this notorious n wild Year

.. n yep i v had a nice time around
while the earth was busy spinning all round ..

had crazy weeks and some lazy sundays
did some nasty things and perhaps left no trace :-P
did some good work and took nobodys case
yea did kick some arses as part of the bad days :-)

over all tried bringing justice on this earth
to get some game for this useless punk
yea its been fine so far ,being sober n drunk
lifes lessons are ongoing , it matters to know the inbetweens
yep n cherish as much :-)

cant leave such things mid-way
so i move on to another year, die another day!! :-)
P.A.R.T.Y people, life says - theres more to come,so dont go away


Known Stranger said...

good one.. and as common as any one could have done.

Known Stranger said...

whatz up buddy.. you are so silent ?

Known Stranger said...

hmm ya very deep and very deep hidden inside me that evolved today on a lost friend.

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