Thursday, June 30, 2005

Silly Wish that must come true

Wonder ..

Are these gonno be chapters in my life that i may have a chance to look back at -If the electronic media still exists.
If an angel is passing by this page
here's a wish .. to make..

silly one tho .. but more or less like a personal demand -
I want so much clarity of mind -so much so that i can solve any problem in the world! :-)
WoW i wanna do this .. any puzzle/ any difficulty and any Thing at all
my mind shud be able to figure it all ! aah
any problem ,, any ,,

Saturday, June 18, 2005

RoLLbAcK ;-)

Conscience is a myth ..

: P caught between the two !
eH !

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Who wants to Know

ARE you Jimmy Ray ?

Who Wants to KNOW~~
(yes i remember this song today -now~~)

just while my personal funda remains in only one thing= feeling clean/clear in my conscience /heart
is the only thing i want at the end of the day- (No mental mess @@ that i carry ! :- )

All that philosophy , judgement , awareness , spirituality, justice, wisdom , management gyaan, jargon jargon, jargon , knowledge/power/ watever watever looks irrelevant to me and ..
i dont care a single heck if im an idiot or if i v completely follied/wronged/damned;

I "only care" for having a clear mind /conscience free from clutter -so that i can c myself in the mirror or be Comfortable with my own existence - AS I AM ... simply t he way i am!