Thursday, April 28, 2005


Each of us face -this sense of emptiness/lack (lack of purpose/or lack of fulfillment in different forms) mE TOO FACES THIS very often
Every minute every simple, single second wherever you are however you are hold the key to Perfect bliss/ perfect fulfillment and perfect wisdom -IT S JUST in a choice to recognize it n give way to this choice to experience totality in the moment-transfer from lack into totality its oth in the same place -same origin/same source
See you -let yur desires culminate or satisfy in their own source n see the fun
REM:This minute holds the KEY , (n in EACH minute)

this very minute
holds init
the key to truth
the key to glory
the key to love
the key to forgivness
the key to totality n fulfillment
the key to moksha

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

hard facts

Hey somehow few facts look hard to digest ,
eg: we all fight for our ways - to live n to choose our own paths n ways n means n destinations n intermediations
we fight/argue with our folks sometimes it may hurt them (altho Unpresumably )
Today i just had an imagination of what a destitute felt like .. a complete loss of a sense of ownership/belonginghood/ness
may be each all live n learn to live
But hell - a destitute may value the love.the concern,the warmth/ n its bonding
Gosh all tho im putting down terrible things - it happened to strike me n i cudnt stop to get it out of my chest
Cheers n i know n also acknowledge that deep down we all really care - but sometimes happen to leave behind hurtful impressions which we may/not regret
Spend some time to value n cherish yur gifts n u shall be happy n giving the needful importance to each person or activity that u like : )

Monday, April 25, 2005


Hey ya .. i like this from from BRYAN ADAMS too ...

I love putting perspectives Across .. n esp. through Writing
More over a REBEL by nature while i also do not deny the fact that i am alos a part of each of these crippling truths -
AM against self imposed limitations on to the free mind ,that we all cage often (under different pretexts= practicality, Have to, Should be so ,cant be this way , impossible , playing safe/nice /Acceptable, dont have a choice?? ) ;)
Am also a part of this thinking -but i also Yell my heart out across to that sense of limitlessness Eh!?

See ya

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Looking Around

Eh! it all looks interesting Today
am happy n thrilled about a lot of small things im learning in life
they look like a real beginning in Direction i Like pretty much!
M Lovin' it !
M Chillin' the Summer out with a seemingly ice cool brain :-)

Decision Making is somthing i would love to learn
N Logic is somethin; im still learning to realise

To describe the way my moments are passing these days
Swift , Gentle -Active & passive at the same time
I learning to balance my Raft amongst those swaying waves
sometimes turbulent sometimes shy
sometimes overturning sometimes dry

While i am excited about the whole thing
i feel alive most of these days
I love the adventures