Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Minding my business of minding another's !!

Yeah - life full of paradox and sometimes i like it !!
I d love to mind my own business but .. before i mind mine i would love to do full fledged business analysis and business consulting and offering the most tempting solutions for all business propositions and business paradoxes :-)
To me this looks very interesting right now - solving (business) problems .. .. ..
madness to solve all hurdles and give crazy good unassumingly simple and profitable solutions ..
but baby i think i need to grow and grow more .. .. .. to do all this stuff and eventually enable firms to do it themselves ! :-) like Eli

Monday, September 19, 2005

Appetite for Self IMPortance

hey it's (y)early mo(u)rning and im up strongly "Wanting " something from myself /from my life..
a want , a big want
to be "DOING" something kick ass;
totally kick ass -
staying turned on , and tuned into life / reality prime time 24X7.
That thrill - that adrenalin rush and that sense of responsibility
like being a part of the rescue team in movie armageddon - i want that kind of self inportance/ sense of purpose/duty of saving the earth etc. .
My appetite for challenge right now looks immense to me . . and i feel like living/dying only on challenges and not bothering a bit on routine -
Yup, my melodramatic sense of greed for purpose/ hunger for sense of upliftment and great desire for total fulfillment is ready to take me anywhere - break any walls and take any blind risks - i just need to feel that immense passion and justice to drive me to do stuff i.e life changing - Mind Blowing
would 'nt mind being at kargil war like situtation- want to live short but Filled with Life !! !! !! such that each minute is L.I.V.E.D.
im writing/thinking all this coz im bored n i think i'm pathetic coz i dont choose to live every day at my personal best - i think i need a mission to take the best out of me :P
Anyway , hope self-introspection gives me a way .. Yeah and that is if im quiet enuff to turn my mind within (very naughty !! these days)

Monday, September 12, 2005

It all "seems" like this ..

Heyeh ! a rainy morning .. ..

Needed to jot this down ..and no better place than an online journal :P

Wow sometimes it all looks like what lies beneath it all is => perception .
The way stuff /world is percieved seems to Change the very bloody truth of my existence , seems to change life - more than that life can very much look topsyturvy if you change the lens .
Digitized perception donno what a great way of seeing things is ..
Dont know if Truth IS .. !!! ??
and if thruth is ..
and is beyond my minds/perception :-) Funny when will i get to know this and rather HOW can i KNOW this NOW

what is it that i see when i see and how i see what i see and why i see and what is beyond my see that i dont see and what can change the range of my see and
if i can choose to see what i like to see
then i would love to see simplicity :-) giggles

Another thing, what i see and what you see will be different like 2 sets Set A and Set B , they may overlap n they may not overlap and the extents of overlap may also vary .
And this makes me feel that world is such manipulated content !! oops
makes me opine this to be a sort of fools story and where will be the truth found .What the hell is conscience#
Is there any phenomena/funda of cosmic conscience or truth .. makes me wonder what am i doing ..Looks like im playing in a -maze without the top view and looks like chaos - a lot sometimes :-) cant stop smiling either -all this is soooo very funny and i cant seem to understand one bit of this JoKe :-@