Sunday, October 01, 2006

if truth makes you feel ugly and god hurts

What would you do when truth makes you feel ugly..
what would you do when god hurts..
what would you do when trust betrays
what would you do when sun strays

what would you do when god hurts..
what would you fight and whom would you rush to
what would you do if the comfort turns its back

what would you do when god hurts..
what would you do with the silence
what would you do with the witness of this world
whom would you cry out to if only witness stays

n i dont care for the witness - it only sees
what about the rest of my soul which feels
which loves, which hurts, which lives, which peels
this soul cannot be selfless -this soul expects ..
this soul expects justice, this soul wants to experience care
this soul expects a hello back, this soul expects a yo there!

this life is short and the expectation too big
a hello back , sorry man! - too emotional ,too much
i m me and you are free
bye bye, just that i cant let it be


seriously_frivolous said...

nice one..but is this a break up song?

Schrodingers cat said...

Truth can never make you feel Ugly. As Gautama had said, anything which works is the truth. So I dont possibly see how it can lead to self abuse. And "god hurts" is an oxymoron. God hurts literally translates as you hurting yourself.

Btw, anything wrong? If so, let go.


contraddict said...

seriously_frivolous.. well not exactly ..
but yes when a thread in the brain circuit snaps :-P you may call it a break up theme..

schrodingers cat ..
i know where you are coming from ..
all that is being expressed here is that when some part of the mind was experiencing pain the other part was witnessing..
this felt so unfair.just like a mystic knocking on the door yearning to communicate with the Lord and Lord simply watches.Just watching.and no less.
yes hurting yourself i agree but the pain is of the silence of the mirror!!

Known Stranger said...

hi this is so much appealing - if i could read throughs these words - you are a bit low. - i do wrote something recently but in my other blog - i will send you that to mail

Schrodingers cat said...

Mystic doesnt knock on the doors waiting for god to answer. He knows that god is within and feels happy about it.

But honestly, I didnt quite get your reply there.