Saturday, October 07, 2006

Economic Philosophy

Philosophy of economics , economic philosophy
ya was reading some book on economics which spoke about optimum price of things and externality prices n all..
one likely fact which struck me was that philosophically - good economics is all about effort-less earning
you would choose not do something if the effort/pain is more than the outcome/pleasure.. (eg: you wont buy a 10,000/- gucci if the sweat you need to put for that is more than the pleasure of that gucci)
and the one who makes most is the one who is capable of the least effort input and the max output

somewhere this co-incides with my funda of optimum living.. that is effortless living- only when life is completely effortlessly lived will the maximum happiness state be lived..

since sometime my lazy mind is fascinated with the concept of effortless living :-)) and effortless nirvana...yaa i dont like going to job and slogging on for hours and feel pointless about the whole affair
it makes me feel like ive travelled so far but reached nowhere
now i know im too young to say this but hell.. i dont know i feel empty each time and start seeking all over again :-PP

is there anyway to get effortless Nirvana??


clash said...

Thanks for the comment!

Effortless nirvana?
Begging? have been hearing stories of millionaire beggars... seems like; begging is as lucrative as a high profile job!


Known Stranger said...

wow... you wrote something of my thought but in a far better way

bradford said...

my moves to effort-less meet the needs for others to see my enthusiasm seem less immature. . to attach meant struggling to share awareness . . your imagry is inspiration for my most poetic desires - thanks

Schrodingers cat said...

Nirvana is effortless, I guess. Its just that we dont want to let go. And in my opinion, effortless way of doing things is the most optimum way of getting it done. But being lazy on the other hand is just hoping for an easy way and waiting for things to happen.

Effortless life : finding out the "means" to the "end".

Laziness : Thinking about the "end" alone and totally forgetting about "the means".

Schrodingers cat said...

And there's something about letting go which I forgot to mention.

If you try lifting a red hot vessel without realising, you let go of it immediately. You wont think how it will affect your skin or what are the consequences. You respond. And I guess that can also be related to "attached detachment". Knowledge is needed for sure, because the mind should relate with it, but at the same time not cling on to it. So drop the vessel. There...thats effortless Nirvana :-)


How do we know said...

hmm.. tell us as soon as u figure out how!