Saturday, September 23, 2006

To lie accurately

Aha! now thats nother thing i need to learn is to ...
lie accurately
i mean i know everybody lies and everybody hurts (may be becoz of lies)
yeah either they want to hear a lie or they dont want to (but the bottomline is its associated with lie)
i dont think to say the truth is that important
rather it is more important to tell the truth most appropriately -such that truth doesnt hurt
on the same line truth and lie are two sides of the same coin -
in short to say the truth appropriately can be translated as to lie accurately :-) yaa and not hurt anything or anyone... and still be truthful - but how can one do that?
morally -how can one lie accurately
where accuracy seems to be the key -- key to truth and key to understanding the misunderstanding :-))


Known Stranger said...

my worry is not the accuracy but the repeatablity. heiehieh... ya i regularly comes to check you here. I could drop a mail too , but i want you to speak here more. Atleast to let you know i am here to read a mulunds voice which should not be just popular around the church area but around the sphere of virtual world

Schrodingers cat said...

hehe true. Truth and lie dont really exist as you had pointed out. When 'right' and 'wrong' are relative terms, so is truth. A small analogy to strengthen your argument.

Newton derived his laws based on the fact that light travels at infinite speed. So assuming Newton's calculations, light travels a distance of 0 metres in 1 second. Einstein on the other hand considered the actual speed of light for his theory which is 300000000 m/s. So according to Einstein, light travels a distance of 0.0000000033 seconds. That doesnt mean Newton was wrong. His theory still worked even there was this small error...even though it was based on the lower form of truth. The difference between a truth and a lie is as small as 0.0000000033 seconds and the moment at which we bridge the final gap, we should hopefully see what many call 'god'. Earth too was considered flat intially, and later evolved into a sphere and later into an oblate spheroid.

So lie is probably a very crude form of truth. But thats just me and I might be wrong.

Thanks for stopping by. Godel rocks :-)


Schrodingers cat said...


Thanks for all those comments.

Replying for your comments one by one...Talking about conscience, it doesnt really exist. Its a kind of a auto-hypnosis. Mind in its purest form is often compared to a mirror and conscience is like a layer of dust on the mirror...dust from there soceity, religion and the way of upbringing always telling us what is right and what is wrong.

Which brings us to the next point...Is there a common right/wrong for everyone? I feel everything has something called integrity attached to it. And whatever you do to keep that integrity intact is right. Might not be the same for everyone though as it depends on the individual's goals. As Buddha had said : 'Truth is anything which works'

Finally about the mind and heart, heart is irrational and gets us into trouble at times. Thats mainly because we try listening to our heart when most of the people around us reason it out with the mind. So probably because of that, there might be a conflict or a split created among us.

Sure...lets connect.


How do we know said...

really.. very serious inputs.. a little too heavy.. am intellectually challenged :-)

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