Tuesday, September 19, 2006

indulgence in obsessions

Why are obsessions so much fun to live ?
yeah obsessions are fun , its like indulgence ..
was wondering i dont have too much in life , not too much art/talent and am therefore used to (may be still do) have this career obsession - yeah!
becoz i simply dont have anything better to do ;-P
and i was imagining a lukha life say suppose on an island -doing simple things earning a living -it wud make me feel so unobsessed so purposeless -so uncomfortable and i am therefore attached to indulging into thoughts of career and direction and all the coolness associated wid it.
wont deny its boring , very boring cuz i hardly have my gut /instinct feel on it
my obession with logic yeah kind of takes the upperhand here//..
yeah so ive discovered two of my indulgences already and yeah im addicted to them as i seem to indulge pretty much to avoid feeling jobless ;-) hehee..

there is also a blog associated with career- another buddy's obsessoin ;-)

1 comment:

Known Stranger said...

hmmm... intersting post but i wish you do regularly. some time i keep coming and then go away oh not today too