Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wish List

Yezsterday i came across this some page which asked for creating wishlist ,ghuess it was orkut

so here goes my mind for a wishlist of things that may or may not exist while i feel i may need them ;-)
So here is my MANGTA HAI series :DD
1. I want to write my stuff not type it ..puhleeze
apart from punching numbers i dont think i really enjoy punching in keys..
nope -may be an enigineer is fine with the idea of typing code , while the creative / business people want more freedom of expression and style :P
So a gadget(notepad like ergonomic size) that can let me write with a pen and store everything
and yes it shud be inter-connectabel to any gadget in the world
and i can store tranfer capture all media data (text, audio,video, any)
2. I want alternative power generation source, example chappals / shoes that get charged when i walk and can power my phones/ ipods with the same.
Maybe have local elements (river water / breeze to power my home power needs), like may be a fan whose wings spin on motion on my car can help charge my car batters ?
Sewage/impure water to do power generation??
3.Also want simpler inventions .. yes i agree inventions that are R&D based, but im looking at the most basic level simple inevntions that solve/optimize many regular whacks
4.I want CO2 to give me clean O2 , i want CO2 to help my power generation - if plants/trees can photsynthesize , why cant a device have a similar mechanism may be..?
5.A mobile content service which provides video clips of news stories -click on news you wish to watch and pay only rs:100/ 0 for a month :-) ? wud that be feasible
work involved would only be of conversions to compressed low resolution formats of video streaming ?hungama are you listening? --Forget it since FOX and ABC already have it
this could be the long tail of "news" with the new media..
6.Think im short of time here.. will continue... a long list to go it is..


Known Stranger said...

ha ha ha nice pooja. did you think i wont be checking her often. I do.. to know if you pen something and not typing

Known Stranger said...

oh dont believe right. fine.. what to do.. I wish i could have a gal friend to write these poems for her. unfortunate i am so unlucky to have a gal friend.

i write with the illusion. have you seen X men -2 - there is a mutant who can creat illusion in the mind waves and he can make people believe that illuission is real.

similiarly - i create an illusion in myelf when i see things that around me. I imagine if this will happen in my life and how i will feel is my writting. In fact i will tell you on what inspiration i wrote this .

White Forest said...

gud list :)

seriously_frivolous said...

If you plan to start a business venture to design some of the stuff you have dreamt of, lemme know, would like to join. Sure seems like a money making business. And hey, quite sadened to note that you think Engineers are not creative...

Shivendra said...

hey nice to hear back from you! and I see that you've posted this one recently..

and as for me.. am in new york now.. no! not holidaying..working! in any case its fun..

Known Stranger said...

hi pooja.. jhow youd doing.. khya bhat hai.. hope ganapathi pooja in mumbai is happenign in great way..who is work