Sunday, July 23, 2006

Retirement -n the telescoper

Retireing to Monkhood, my passion died
lesson learnt again, while my soul cried
have loved this life, its fragrance
the beauty, but it dried
its smiles, it music, the rythm but it dies
and the world shows its lies ...
of the perepheral - the ephemeral

between the truth of the roads
and of the travellers passing by
the journey had to end
beneath the blue sky
The telescoper says Hi..

i may seem like a loser - when i say good bye
well i havent won anything, i only gave it my try
u may say go back to the world, dont be shy
well my answer would be TELL ME WHY .
why why why why why why why


Traveling Soldier said...

Success is defined as an equal mix of Trial...Perseverance....Passion, and lack of dedication in your adversary....

Traveling Soldier said...


Thanks for stopping by. What I meant was, if your adversary had all of trials, perseverance, passion, dedication..then he would have won. since he lacked dedication - you won. dedication is the binding force of all other components.

That was my thought. Do you think it doesnt make sense

starry nights said...

Just stopped to say hello.beautiful poem.