Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lord call me back

Lord, call me back
i know you have been calling
so please make me come back
have lived the life- entire pack
have seen the pain , seen the pleasures
fought in vain n lived the measures
of the world and the people with the bargains
of moments of solitude -your treasure
i now seek my way back
that you have been calling long long away
make me worthy, help me answer your calling
im not at all a humble soul, but i know
that i need to get back
before this game from the 52 completes
have already seen the enough from entire pack
between the spades and the hearts
i have seeked your words of wisdom
and while me soul cried and u welcomed me back
call me back ,
i know you have been calling
make me worthy, help me come back

1 comment:

seriously_frivolous said...

Well written. There is so much emotion and pain in your words. Maybe the Lord would call you back when you have seen the brighter side of life too.