Saturday, January 21, 2006

HappY 2006 !! Ready for another Spin!!

the form of pure awareness

pure awareness touching you / sensing you
making you aware of yourself
such is the form of pure awareness

awareness - what more can i celebrate
the very truth of all existence
awareness as existence
awareness of existence
what more can i seek for
awareness is the truth of me
what more do i need to meet
other then meeting pure awareness

awareness- what more can one celebrate


Known Stranger said...

wow!!!!! thatz great and sweet

Known Stranger said...

come on.. where are you my friend.

Known Stranger said...

ha ha ha ha... pooja... cool... the gal may be you too.. ha ha ah.. just kidding. seriously need to find that experience pooja. let me see.. and will surely write the truth. Liar. i enjoyed your comment.

Known Stranger said...

oh so you back with link hmm good.. hey thank you .. i know you would sure to drop to mey page. thanks buddy. you are one nice friend i have in blog who keep giving a word encourage